Virtual Assistant – Reminder Of Services

If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business.

Simon Sinek

I’m Here To Help – Don’t Forget That!

I’m so pleased that you have read my email and although you don’t need me right now, you never know when the time will come.

Remember I am available for as little as an hour, so if you have a small job that needs a quick hit or you just don’t have the time to action a last-minute task, please do give me a call.

Client Feedback

“Naomi is the epitome of what is really meant by that often over-used phrase “A safe pair of hands”. I had a time and work crisis – there was no fuss or histrionics (except on my part). Naomi simply took the task on, interpreted it perfectly – did the ‘do’ – and then let me know it was done. What more can you ask for? I recommend her as a very safe, very competent, very reliable and very safe ‘pair of hands’ – Thank you Naomi”

Tony Kershaw, Great Business Habits…!