Why Me?

I’ve been self employed for over 13 years, so I understand what it’s like to juggle clients with the everyday administration of a business. That’s why I started VaHero.

I genuinely want to help people just like you enjoy life and improve your business.

Whether it is an email account out of control, paperwork for your accountant needing attention or business contact information requiring structure. I like nothing more than to look at a problem and help you find a solution.

My recent Thomas International profile sums up a small part of me very well.

“What will be apparent will be her special ability to stabilise excitable people, demonstrate loyalty and develop unique skills. Exhibiting patience and concentrating on detailed work, ensuring that quality and standards are maintained”

A Potted History

After working for a large UK bank for over 10 years, I moved on to become a PA and administrator for a company director in the finance sector. I then realised I wanted to expand my horizons and became self employed, running a successful eBay business, followed by a website design company.

Working for the bank gave me the opportunity to hone my skills in logic, analysis and reasoning. From locating money lost in the banking system to processing and assessing mortgage applications it taught me to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective.  The PA role allowed me to apply my skills in organisation, structure and management of a busy director.


Who’s The Voice On The Telephone?

I’m the other side of 39 (I’m not saying which side that is!) with a self confessed addiction to stationery, knitting yarn and the odd glass of wine.

I love making the most of my spare time, spending it with my family, walking my dog and knitting toys for unsuspecting children! 

I start to twitch at the sight of messy paperwork and can regularly be found sorting my knitting yarn stash into shades!

Want To Work With Me?

I’m happy to chat through how we can work together, just get in touch.